1 hr $95 | 1 1/2 hrs $125

2 hrs $160

Ashi (meaning foot) and -atsu (meaning pressure) is an exceptional massage modality that is both deeply relaxing and extremely effective. Using gravity and overhead bars, the therapist works with her feet to create broad strokes and sink deeply into the muscle tissue. 

Working along the spine and back muscles, we aim to relieve any pain caused by pressure on the nerves. Circulation is increased by bringing freshly oxygenated blood to the area being treated. 

Before your session

  • Be sure to hydrate before your session

  • Arrive a few minutes early to relax and chat with your therapist. You may want to discuss any goals or areas of focus.

  • Please make your therapist aware of any recent injuries, change in medications, or just anything that you think is important for the session.

After your session

You Should:

  • Drink more water!

  • Do some passive stretching

  • Treat yourself to a hot shower, sauna or steam room

You Should Not:

  • Sit for a long period of time on a hard surface - meaning we do not want you to compress your back muscles immediately after being lengthened.

  • Life heavy objects - be careful of your workouts within 48 hours

  • Engage in any contact sports

  • Drink heavy alcohol