1 hr $95 | 1 1/2 Hrs $125

Ashi Thai is a wonderful blend of Ashiatsu and Thai Massage techniques.  Deep compressions and stretching is delivered in a slow and rhythmic manner, working with the breathe of the receiver to allow for the best release.  If you are looking for a yoga class and a massage all in one, this is the massage for you

Ashi Thai has been modified from Traditional Thai to use bars on the ceiling.  This treatment is received completely clothed without any creams or oils as the therapist compresses and uses passive stretches all while working with the clients range of motion and comfort level.  

Before your session

  • Be sure to hydrate before your session

  • Arrive a few minutes early to relax and chat with your therapist. You may want to discuss any goals or areas of focus.

  • Please make your therapist aware of any recent injuries, change in medications, or just anything that you think is important for the session.